Bonus periods

10 ¢
1st price period
15.11 - 18.11 current price
12 ¢
2nd price period
18.11 - 23.11 current price
14 ¢
3rd price period
23.11 - 28.11 current price
16 ¢
4th price period
28.11 - 03.12 current price
20 ¢
5th price period
03.12 - 15.12 current price
FORMULA Dividend payments are calculated using the following formulas: Annual payment - (A*10%)/B = C
Quarterly payment - (A*3%)/B = C
A - total amount of funds collected in $ on December 20, 2017
B - total number of issued tokens
C - total sum of dividends paid for each token.
10% out of total amount of funds collected (annual dividends)
3% out of total amount of funds collected (quarterly dividends)
The more tokens you own, the more earnings you get Annual dividends can reach up to 70%

What is the profit for you as an investor?

Our company guarantees annual and quartely dividends for the entire duration of MilkCoin token existance, strating on 01.01.2019. Further buyback of MilkCoin tokens will be provided - up to 1.2$ for each token.

Objective 1
$ 5.700.000
Cultivation of all land plots, machinery purchase and repair-shop reconstruction Costs description
Objective 2
$ 17.687.000
Elevator reconstruction, aslo includes infrastructure development Costs description
Objective 3
$ 21.394.000
Formula-feed plant construction Costs description
Objective 4
$ 76.000.000
Construction of a closed milk processing complex Costs description


2012 year Land plots buyout
2013 Obtaining permits
2014 Plan and estimate documentation development
2015 Obtaining status of a "Priority project"
2015 Attempt to get a project financing in one of Russian banks
2016 Project financing is rejected by the bank
June 2017 ICO funds raising idea
July - October 2017 ICO preparation
15 November 2017 ICO Start
15 December 2017 ICO end
20 December 2017 Listing on the crypto-exchanges
January - December 2018 Project launch and development according to goals
1 January 2019 First dividend payments to the token holders
1 April 2019 Quarterly payments beginning up to full buyout of MilkCoin tokens
1 January 2021 MilkCoin buyback start

Team personal investments - over 10.000.000 $

HSK is an operating enterprise. We own more than 3800 hectares of land 20km awat from Voronezh - Agricultural capital of the European part of Russia

Over the past few years our team has invested about 600 million rubles of own funds in this project


Our advantages

Since 2015 "Priority Project"
adopted by the Government
Operating enterprise
Full transparency
Large state subsidies
Ready-Made business plan and financial model
Project passed all government approval stages

Land plots map

Bloggs and press

Our team

Georgiy Gradov Co-Founder

Moscow State University of International Relations. The Higher School of Economics. Entepreneur in the wholesale/retail sphere. MilkCoin ideological inspirer.

Facebook, Telegram: @gradovgv
Mikhail Vidgofv Project Manager

The Higher School of Economics. Worked for Moscow government as a construction - project manager.

Sergey Diominskiy Agricultual Department Chief

Argicultural specialist, Sergey has 20 years of experience in the field of agricultural development. Has been wotking in "Kokholskaya Agricultural Company" since 2009.

Vladislav Savin Chief Officer

Voronezh State University (graduated 1998). Has been working in "Kokholskaya Agricultural Company" since 2009.


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