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Cryptocurrencies- Binary Options, IronFX and Pornography

Regulatory pressure on these coins are mounting but increasing public interest despite falling prices has kept many coins afloat and helped them gain mainstream highlight as well. Here are some of the top news you may have missed in crypto world.

TRON expands

While several experts think that the TRON network is nothing but a pump and dump scheme, the coin is now being accepted in several exchange worldwide. The token was recently listed with 9 brokers in 9 different countries, helping it expand to newer territories and gain better acceptance. The coin is now partnering with Shift Markets, a company that will help it in expanding its network.

Ian McAfee, CEO, Shift Markets, said that the company is looking forward to “[bridging] the gap between the FX and crypto markets. The demand from FX has been enormous, and we anticipate more and more crossover between the two markets.” The makers of the token are also excited about improving fiat trading and getting more recognition around the globe. They are actively trying to enhance their liquidity in the market and partner with as many businesses as possible to ensure their survival.

IronFX launches crypto exchange

It is not just a crypto token that wants to enjoy opportunities in the forex market. Brokerage firm IronFX, one of the stalwarts in the foreign exchange trading sector, is now opening a new crypto exchange. The company is collaborating with Hong Kong based EmurgoHK Group, a blockchain accelerator initiative, the creator of ADA coin and Cardano blockchain. Known as IronX, an invitation-only token sale will exclusively fund this new exchange. The firm is planning to release 200 million IRX tokens at the price of $0.33 per coin.

The crypto exchange will be able to use the backend services (apart from several other resources) from the foreign exchange platform. Also, users will be allowed to migrate to the IronFX platform partially or fully. Such usage could be helpful in making people take positions in both platforms simultaneously and help the company tap into the emerging markets as well.

Porn industry is all love for crypto

The adult industry has always been open to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and PornHub announced in April that it would be experimenting with these coins too. At an estimated $97 billion value, this taboo sector is one of the key indicators for technology adoption worldwide.

A recent analysis of the industry suggests how changing times, privacy concerns etc. are making people like Charlie Lee open up to the industry. He said, “I’m glad to see them opening up to cryptocurrency.” Some surprising insights into the industry suggest how blockchain has been an active part of the adult industry, especially in the US and how crypto adoption is natural here.

This week is going to be another enthralling time in the crypto sector, especially as Microsoft has acquired GitHub. Many Monero developers are thinking about moving away from the platform, which could be big news for the industry.

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