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Boston’s FM 104.9 Hosts a new Crypto Broadcast

Digital currencies have been enjoying a decent run in the mainstream by featuring on newspapers, billboards, radio broadcasts and television shows. From July, the citizens from the New England area would be able to listen to a new show based on virtual currencies.

The people of Boston, North Shore, and New Hampshire will be served with this broadcast which will involve discussions on bitcoin and other altcoins solutions. The show will be named “Cryptomania – Bitcoin & Beyond” launched by Massachusetts-headquartered organization New England Blockchain LLC (NEB). Interested listeners can turn up to FM radio signal 104.9.

The show will be hosted by Dana McIntyre, founder NEB, with his companion Jameson Rust. They claim that the show will induce a fun and entertaining manner of explaining bitcoin and blockchain technology. It is expected that listeners will be able to know more about the fundamentals and current situation of the bitcoin market. It will eventually inform the masses about the ease of dealing in digital currencies.

This week Mclntyre said “Hosting the first weekly FM radio show on Cryptos in America is a real honor for us and highlights our commitment to bring relevant, cutting-edge content to our listening audience and the mainstream public.”

Local listeners can tune into the FM at 9:30 Eastern Standard, every Saturday, and people around the world, can check into The producers of the show will have a big job at their hand as more than 2 million people will be listening the broadcast. Moreover, local authorities will also be having a close look at the information provided which eliminates any chance of error.

It is not the first time an announcement has been made for a crypto-based programme. Earlier it was reported that Jason Appleton, a Youtuber, is set to launch his own crypto telecast on “CBS, the CW, and Roku to over 47 million homes.” Similarly, this March, Cheddar, a post-cable network, announced its plans to launch a thirty-minute show on digital currencies named Crypto Craze.

Media experts believe that a considerable number of listeners will be tuning into the channel due to the ongoing popularity bitcoin is enjoying. The programme would also face fierce competition from the Austin based Crypto Show which has been airing for a year on 89.1 FM.

It should also be noted that SEC is cracking down upon crypto-based businesses, especially that have launched an ICO. Although the radio broadcast is for education purposes, yet it will somehow motivate people in buying virtual coins. Therefore, the producers of the show will have to be extra careful with their messages. If not, they could not only face the ire of local authorities but federal agencies as well.

Government authorities, instead of being skeptical, can use it for informing people about the risks involved in crypto trading. It can be an excellent platform for telling people about the regulations and policies launched by SEC. Overall, it can be acknowledged as a positive step towards the growth of the crypto space and its acceptance among regular citizens.

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